Best Tips For a Successful Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss is not something that can easily be achieved overnight, but you have to keep in mind the health problems that can occur because of being obese or overweight. One thing that you have to clear your mind about is that being a size zero is not something very healthy, and you should not set your goal to be a zero-size person. It is important to be healthy and within the healthy spectrum of weight.

Weight control may not be as difficult as it seems. But one has to be consistent if you really want to lose weight. When you have the motivation, you will definitely lose weight without any issues. Also, crash dieting is never the solution for weight loss. You may end up losing weight very fast, but with the double speed, you gain all that weight back.

For permanent weight loss, you have to pick the method of gradual weight loss and a balanced Lifestyle that will eventually help you in losing weight and maintaining a particular weight for a longer time.

Let’s talk about what you can do if you are planning to lose weight and what should be your steps in the right direction.

Track your weight and what you eat

The basic and the initial step is to track your weight using the weighing scale so that you know how much weight is your goal and how much you need to lose. Also, be sure of what you are eating in your day. You have to check if you are stress eating or not. Make sure that you are not eating a lot of junk food in your day. To avoid that, you have to eat a lot of colorful food and natural and organic food. You can add a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet because they contain a huge amount of fiber, which is perfect for weight loss.

Also, you have to make portions of your food. When you are portioning your food, you can use the kitchen weighing scale to ensure that you are having a particular amount of food and calories at a specific time. When you are dividing your food into various portions, it will help you to lose weight and have a systematic way of eating so that you feel full for a long time.

When you are snacking from time to time in eating junk food while working all day, it will eventually affect your weight, and you will end up overeating. Therefore, have some nuts, fresh fruits, and other healthy choices and options for snacking purposes. Many people had testified this as one of the best tips for a successful weight loss journey.

Maintain a weight diary

You have to maintain a record and history of what you are eating in what the measurements of your body are. Also, keep in the record the weight of your body. It will help you determine the difference in how much you have lost in what you are eating every day. Keeping a diary is an important aspect of losing weight. It will reflect the total and overall journey of your weight loss and help you track your weight and other variants in a much easier manner.

Start doing yoga and other physical exercises.

Get yourself a yoga mat and involve yourself in physical exercises to lose more weight and burn more calories. You can get dumbbells if you are working at home to do some cardio exercises, and also if you are not somebody who would do physical exercises, you can do go on a run outside. Get yourself some running shoes that are comfortable enough so that you can run at least a mile or two every day and burn some calories. When you are running, you are also making yourself stress-free and releasing all your stress while running because the environment is a great antidote of anxiety and stress.


Try not to do high-intensity workout at the start. Gradually build up the strength and increase the intensity of the workout. Also, you can gradually increase the running speed and the hours along with the distance of running. It will be much better for gradually losing weight.

Drink a lot of water

Always keep a hydro flask with you. Whether you are at home or at work, you need to have a water bottle with you to ensure that you are not dehydrated. At times people think that their hungry but actually they are just thirsty. Drink water to avoid that dehydration factor. Also, drinking more water can detoxify your body and flush out your body.

Drinking more water will make you look more fresh and glowing. And it will also affect your body as your body will no longer be storing a lot of water and make you feel bloated. Drink at least three liters of water every day.

Count your calories

Rather than eating bigger portions of food, you can divide the same food into several smaller portions. Also, you have to Limit your calories when you are planning to lose weight. The calorie deficit will help you in losing weight. But remember that you cannot go on crash diets and limit your calories up to 500. It will only affect your body in the worst manner. You have to take at least 1000 calories every day to ensure a deficit of 500 calories or 300 calories. With regular exercises and a calorie deficit of at least 300 to 500; you will start losing weight.

Eat multivitamins and have your prebiotics.

Most of the time, you feel hungry, and you eat a lot of junk food. But you never catch the silver lining of underlining deficiencies. Make sure to take your multivitamins and prebiotics properly to ensure that you are in strengthening your body internally and externally. Most of the time, food is unable to meet the requirements of Your Body properly. Therefore, you have to eat clean food, and organic food and also multivitamins will play an important role.


Stay consistent and stay positive.

Most of the time, the social circle can be a huge factor that people are unable to lose weight. You need to surround yourself with the people were motivating and not discouraging you while you are trying to lose weight. Have positive people and a positive mindset around you. You can join a social media network for positive thinking, and you can also get counseling or join a group. You can join an exercise club for better motivation as well.

It is all about the will power and the consistency that you show while you are trying to lose weight and stay positive. There will be times that you will feel super anxious, and you will not want to continue losing weight. You will feel it is very hard, and it may not happen for you. That is the time when you need to stay strong and carry on the journey of weight loss.


Track your body measurements

After a week or two of exercising and being on a diet, you can check your body measurements. There may not be a lot of changes, but you will feel good even if there is a change of 0.25 inches. You can check your weight and body measurements using measurement tape every few weeks or after every month. Get yourself a measuring tape and keep an eye on the changes that your body is coming across.

Cut the sugars

Don’t eat a lot of sugar, especially refined and processed sugar. Cutting down the sugar can especially help you in losing weight. Also, try to cut down the processed food overall for a better impact on your weight loss journey. You can munch on nuts or fresh fruits and vegetables.

Don’t drink a lot of juices, and especially avoid soda. If you are not an avid eater of vegetables, you can make a smoothie. Use the food processer to make special smoothly consisting of all your favorite fruits and vegetables to get all the nutrients at once. Fresh vegetables and fruit smoothies will not only feel you are but give you a boost of nutrients and all the necessary vitamins and proteins.

Take proper sleep

Sleeping properly can also be a huge factor in weight loss. And you are not taking a proper night’s sleep. You will definitely see your weight loss cycle going down the lane. You have to maintain a proper routine for sleep to ensure that you are losing weight. Also, sleeping properly can help you in managing stress. Stress is another factor that stops you from losing weight. For that, you can do yoga or do exercise or also try breathing techniques for relaxation.

Take away

The major take away from all this information has to be that you have to lose weight to be healthy and not to be lean and zero size. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you have better health conditions and make you look a lot better. Also, when you have a healthy lifestyle and proper body weight, you will have a much better muscle and brain strength. Make sure that your goal is to be healthy and not to be a zero-size skinny model. Try not to do any of the crash diets because you will eventually gain all that weight back.


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