Easy Ways To Burn Calories at Home

The idea of going to a gym for hours at a time seems like a waste to some people. Pitcher Bob Feller counted himself in that group. The MLB Hall of Famer grew up in Iowa, worked on a farm, and was as naturally strong as his peers who were always lifting iron.

Going to the gym for weight resistance or getting help from a personal trainer can be beneficial when you want to lose weight. Doing the household chores that challenge your strength, stability, and flexibility can be equally helpful.

Is it fun to rake the leaves or mow the lawn? Maybe not – but those activities are a low-cost way to improve your physical condition.

List of the Best Chores to Burn Calories Fast

  1. Power Washing

Holding a steady hose while over 2,000 PSI comes through it takes more strength than you might realize. You also benefit from vibration while using physical movements like squatting, rotation, and overhead lifting.

  1. Tree Care

Trees require regular cutting and pruning to stay healthy. Using a power saw can get you through that work quickly, although a manual one helps you to burn extra calories. Unless you have professional experience, leave the branches that require a ladder to reach to a local contractor. You can focus on everything else.

  1. Raking Leaves

It might be a simple task, but raking gives you three repetitive planes of motion. This movement works on your core and arms to encourage strength and stamina development. When you move the pile to the compost or curbside for pickup, the hauling, squatting, and lifting can give you a well-rounded workout.

  1. Washing a Car

Using sponges and rags to wash a car opens up your shoulders to stabilize your muscles and rotational movement. Try to clean in multiple directions using different actions to maximize the exercise this shore provides. Use clockwise and counterclockwise rotations to give your arms a full range of motion.

  1. Weed the Garden

Getting rid of a stubborn weed can take considerable strength. The combination of twisting, rotating, and pulling can leave you remarkably sore after an hour of work. When you go all-out with your gardening, the number of calories you burn is equal to the weight resistance training you would get at a gym! Just watch out for thorny plants, poison ivy, and stinging nettles while you work. Recommended tools:

  1. Cleaning the Garage

The garage tends to be a junk pile that needs cleaning each year. Moving everything around so you can get rid of the trash can be a workout by itself! When you start sorting items, create three sections: one goes to charity, another stays put, and then the final one goes to the trash. Once this space cleared out, you’ll have room for a home gym to use.                                                                                                                                                                             

Working out at home can help you to burn an impressive number of calories. Since you’ll also get some of your to-do lists finished, doing chores as exercise is a choice that makes sense.

You also use a Pilates bar kit with resistance bands for your home workout and burn fats and calories


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